We don't believe there is a mold that any one business fits into. Each business is a reflection of the owner and their personality. Ledger and Levy works with you, so you can be who you are, and still be in compliance with business and tax record keeping.

We offer 2 services to our clients:

1. Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation - Offered as a custom solution to meet each clients specific business

2. Business Coaching - Offered in packages or by the hour. In person or in the cloud, our coaching services are affordable starting at $50 an hour. 

Our bookkeeping services start at $200 a month, contact us today for a free customized quote!

How it works…..

1.     Face to Face/Skype Meeting

2.     Get to know your business and the services you need

3.     Come up with a pricing plan you can afford

4.     File your taxes


Utilizing cloud-based solutions, you can capture much of the detail needed for bookkeeping and tax preparation without taking precious time from your schedule.

Have a smart phone? Then you can easily meet the requirements for business records, and we can get you setup, making it easy and pain free.

Don't live in the Dallas area, or need to ask a question, but don't have time for a meeting over coffee? Not a problem, a quick phone call or a Skype face-to-face can get you the answer to your question.